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Short Message Service SMS

This service allows you to send and receive text messages from other subscribers. Each message is charged per 160 characters depending on the mobile that every has.

The important thing that is required is to set the service center number, which is +252503.

Its useful :-

When it is difficult to talk in crowded or public places
When you are in meetings
When you just want to send a quick note
Arranging meetings
Organizing your social life and receiving short updates on news, entertainment and sports.
And especially when you don’t want somebody else to hear what you’re saying!!
It’s fast, fun and easy to use, and it’s available to all subscribers. SMS allows you to communicate with other mobile phone users, using text messages sent to and from your phone.


International SMS  

You can send your SMS to all over the world with no problem.
Just write your message and send to 00 plus the number your want to send to .

When you write your message send to 004479393939

Local or National SMS

You can’t send your SMS to Golis subscribers only but also throughout the country , its easy to use and send your SMS to other operators (Hormuud Telecom and Telesom Company).

How to send your SMS.

When you write your message just send your SMS to the number you need by adding 01 or 02 as a prefix.


If you need to send a message to Hormuud Telecom just write 015XXXXXX
Also Telesom Company 024XXXXXX