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GSM Service

Golis GSM service started 2002. It’s the first GSM operator in Puntland, Our vision is to establish a strong, dynamic and flexible organization to serve and benefit our people with the latest available GSM products and services.

Golis Telecom Somalia takes pride to be the pioneer of GSM technology in Puntland region of Somalia has taken the responsibility since its inception to develop and introduce the latest technological features and update its customers to the various versions and services available in the World of GSM, to realize this end we are relying on latest technological equipments in the telecom sector through partnership, alignment and collaborating with leading international Telecom equipment giants from Europe, Asia and USA.

The company provides highest quality and innovative mobile services and delivers value to all customers. Our GSM service contains divergent features like Dual Simcard, Xogmaal & Sahal service. Now Golis GSM is aiming to upgrade to the higher generations of mobile industry.

Value Added Services
We believe value added services are important to Golis and customers as they give good revenue potential, are an important competitive differentiator and increase customer loyalty and usage. Our value added services for our  GSM and internet subscribers include the following:

Breaking news (Xogmal). We provide national and international news headlines, sports and business, finance and securities market related news through short messaging services (SMS). We provide  a sevice called (Kunaso) waiting call. We also launched services like( Kumee)  Missed Call Alerts. We also provide GPRS service. GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service and is a second generation (2G).  This service is used as wireless data service that extends GSM data capabilities for Internet access.