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Send Money By Phone. FAST, SAFE & AFFORDABLE , Sahal is a Golis Telecom service allowing you to transfer money using a mobile. phone Golis Telecom is the first company in Somalia to use this service, Sahal is available to all Golis subscribers (Prepay and Postpay), Registration is FREE and available at any Golis Centers

Sahal – Your solution for business

In our quest to meet customer’s needs, we introduced two services that are targeted towards corporate organizations. These services have higher transaction limits than individual customer accounts and organizations can hold reasonable and agreed upon balance in their Sahal Corporate Accounts.

  1. Customer to Business (Pay Bill Service) – Agents

This service enables corporate organizations to receive funds from their customers or subscribers for goods and services rendered. The service targets organizations that receive many payments from the public, have a corporate personality and seek convenience and timely payments from their customers.

Organizations can benefit from this service due to the convenience it provides in collection of payments as their customers can pay for bills from anywhere, anytime as long as they are registered for Sahal and have money in their Sahal account.

The service has already been taken up by a number of companies including; Medical Companies, Educational institutions, National Hospitals, Golis postpaid bill payments and etc.

  1. Business to Consumer (Bulk Payments Services)

This service enables organizations to send money by Sahal to many people who may be widely dispersed. The service targets organizations that would like to do promotional payments, field staff disbursements, salary disbursements, dividend payments among others. Bulk payment service is easy to use and is being improved further to cater for ever-growing market requirements.

The bulk payment facility has already been beneficial to clients, providing a quick way of sending funds to their beneficiaries. The service is also secure and does not require the organization to travel with cash to the areas of disbursement. The service is cost effective when compared to other cash management services.


How to register for Sahal  

You can register for your Sahal account for FREE at any center of Golis in the country.

To register, go to the nearst Golis center to you and ..

Step1: Fill the registration form.

Step2: Activate your Sahal Account

Step 1: Fill the registration form.

Sahal Registration form: You will be required to fill the registration form which is written on your mobile number, your first and last name, your date of birth..

You will also be asked  to have one passport size picture, if you don’t have, no matter Golis will take you a picture at the same time.

Step 2: Activate Your Sahal Account

Golis  will send you an SMS confirming that the registration has been successful. Activate your Sahal menu on your account using the ’4-digit Start Key’ sent to you by Golis Telecom as per the following instructions:

  1. Dial *888# then press OK.
  2. Enter the ‘Start Key’ (4-digit number received from Golis)


After that, you have activated successful.


How to use Sahal Service  


You can access the following services from your Sahal account:

  1. Deposit cash to your account.
  2. Send (Transfer) money. 
  3. Withdraw money.
  4. Buy Airtime / Top up.  
  5. Pay Bills.
  6. Show Ballance.
  7. Manage your SAHAL Account.
  8. Deposit cash to your account.

To transact, you need to deposit money in your Sahal account at one of the Golis Centers, then they will do this transaction for you using Sahal Software.
To put money into your Sahal account you will:

To send PESA you must first deposit money into your own account.  You cannot deposit money directly into another person’s Sahal account.

  1. Send (Transfer) money 

You can send or transfer money to any Golis mobile phone user, even if they are not a Sahal subscriber. To send money you must first deposit cash into your own Sahal account.
To send money :

If you send money to the wrong number:

  1. Withdraw money

You can withdraw money from any Sahal Service Center

(a)  If you are a Registered Sahal Customer

Go to Sahal Store and:

  1. b)  If you are an Non-Registered Customer

Go to an Sahal Store and:

  1. Buy Golis Airtime.

As a Sahal customer, you will be able to purchase airtime US$ 0. 25 – US$ 100 for your phone or another Golis subscriber. Sahal value is separate from your airtime account.

  1. Pay Bills

Sahal registered customers can now pay for their (Postpay) bills as well as bills for services received from a selected number of Sahal partners.

Maximum transaction amount per day is US$ 10,000 and the maximum about transferable per transaction is US$ 2,000.

(a)  To pay for your Golis Postpay Bill:

 (b)  To pay for your other Bills:

* Confirm if the company you intend to pay a bill to accepts payments via Sahal before transferring cash.  They will give you their ‘business number’ and advice on the appropriate ‘account number’ that you will enter into your Sahal menu while making the payment. They will also advice on any applicable charges.

  1. Show Balance:

You can check your current Sahal balance status at a fee of 1/=. Note that your balance is also shown at the end of every SMS each time you do an Sahal transaction.

To check your balance:

Call Support:
You can call Sahal Customer Service Representatives through this menu:

  1. Manage your Sahal Account

You can manage your Sahal account from your menu as follows:

Change PIN : For security reasons, customers can change their PIN at any time with no cost.

Language – You can choose which language to use for your Sahal:

Report lost – You can report Sahal  if your mobile is lost: